Reflect & Assess

For most of our clients this module is going to be the starting point of your journey with us. Whether as part of the Individual or Executive Program or as a stand-alone offering, the aim is to get you to reflect on your career history and distil what you liked and what you disliked about the work and the organisations you were with. From this basis we then help you to realistically assess your current situation and how this may translate into the career transition you are looking for.


In our many years of coaching expertise we have learned to ask the right questions if you are unsure about your future direction. If you feel stuck or lack job satisfaction, we will be able to open up new ideas and help you gain insights about where you could find career happiness.


In particular this program covers:

  • Your strengths, skills, competencies and experience
  • Your past accomplishments
  • What you enjoy, what gives you meaning and satisfaction
  • What you dislike and what bores you
  • What you have learnt from past choices
  • Your values and how they align with your industry
  • What you offer and what you want

The Reflect & Assess program in delivered over 4 one-on-one coaching sessions. You can upgrade to the Individual or Executive Program after completing Reflect & Assess.

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