The Challenges of a Career Change—and How to Overcome Them with the Advice of a Professional Career Consultant in Melbourne

A change in career paths has the potential to deliver almost unlimited rewards. Having the opportunity to escape a career path you hate is a gift. So is the chance to learn new skills, make new discoveries about yourself and hopefully end up doing something you love. Indeed, a well-executed career change can give you a better, happier and more fulfilling life on almost every level.

Before you can get to those rewards, though, you have to be prepared to clear the many pitfalls and hurdles that will present themselves along the way – and you will face many challenges. Career changes aren’t easy, and they tend to become more complicated as you get older.

Hiring a Career Change Consultant in Melbourne

With the help of a career change consultant in Melbourne, you will have a better chance of making your way through this demanding process.

At Complete Career Management, we offer career consulting in Melbourne to assist with career transitions. We can help you identify the aspects of your current career that are driving you away. We can help you to unlock untapped or underused skills that might serve as an indicator for where your next career direction should take you. And we can help you determine new career paths where your skills, personal interests and your passions might dovetail into one perfect combination.

Often, clients come to us knowing that they want to get out of a particular career path, but not necessarily sure where they want to go next. With the help of our professional career consultants in Melbourne, our clients not only find the answers to that question but also acquire the tools they need to be successful in a tough job search.

Understanding the Challenges of Career Changes

So why is a career change typically such a challenging process? There are several reasons, but here are a few of the biggest ones you are likely to face. Luckily, by having a career advice consultant from Melbourne in your corner, you will have a better chance of surmounting each obstacle and finding a dream job in your new field.

  • A complete change of pace: The biggest challenge of a career change—and the reason that even disillusioned professionals will sometimes stick around in their established professions—is that a career change represents a complete change of pace. You will need different skills than you needed in your previous job. You may work in a different environment. You will almost certainly have to learn new jargon, processes, industry trends and more.
  • The competition: When you change careers, you usually have to start at the bottom and work your way up. That means facing off younger people; recent graduates who have the same level of experience in this field than yours.
  • Sceptical employers: Employers are sometimes sceptical about hiring career changers. What if you don’t have the skills necessary for this position? What if you decide after three months that you want to revert to your old career? What if you can’t handle ‘starting at the bottom’? These questions are ones that will surely be going through the heads of prospective employers.

The good news is that, with a professional career change consultation in Melbourne, you will be able to counteract these challenges or overcome them. At Complete Career Management, we will help you find a new career path where your skills and experience hold value. We will help you build your CV and prepare for interviews so that you can beat recent grads at their own game. We can help you win over employers and convince them that your broad base of experience is indeed beneficial.

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