Outplacement Services: Melbourne

We provide boutique career transition services (outplacement services) to Melbourne organisations looking at small-scale (up to 25 people) retrenchments. We specialise in assignments where a sensitive and caring approach is desired, and we are able to create custom programs if desired.


We also provide this service for individual senior managers and executives. Again, our focus is on empathy and effective coaching to reduce stress to individuals and the people left behind.


Our outplacement services include:

  • Preparation with HR and retrenching managers
  • Coaching of retrenching managers
  • Presentation of services on announcement
  • Customised group programs to your budget requirements
  • Individual support services for senior managers and executives
  • Diffusing and overcoming negative emotions
  • Working with remaining employees to overcome grief and anxiety

Our consultants have worked on numerous outplacement programs for a range of industries and we pride ourselves on the level of service and empathy we offer. We have an excellent track record in helping even the most difficult individuals and can provide effective assistance that goes way beyond resume and interview coaching.


Organisations which have recently utilised our outplacement services include:

  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
  • Australian Survey Research
  • Cadbury
  • Dairy Australia
  • Emergency Services Telecommunication Authority
  • iSelect
  • Mitchell Shire Council
  • Pentair
  • Vision Australia
  • Workplace Authority

To learn more about our outplacement services and how we can assist with your specific needs, please call us on 1 300 855 027 now.

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