Getting to the next level in your executive career can be challenging as opportunities continually diminish towards the top end of the corporate hierarchy. Further, the desire to progress your career may clash with the desire to spend more time with your family or you may not feel valued in your current role or organisation.


Our Executive program is designed to provide focus and insight to determine the right direction and next steps to drive your career forward. Our coaching model is unique in that you may be working with two of our highly experienced career advisor consultants for part of your program. Using 2 consultants is more effective because our consultants use complementary skills and approaches.


The Executive program targets senior managers and executives. We tailor a personalised coaching process based on your individual needs. The Executive program provides unlimited coaching support (normally 16 sessions), until you have achieved your desired outcome.


Broadly, in the Executive program we might cover:

  • Reflection and assessment of your current situation and goals
  • Reconciling and prioritising conflicting needs, wants and constraints
  • Understanding organisational politics and how to ‘play the game’
  • Creating effective career documentation
  • Building and leveraging professional networks
  • Individual job search strategy and interview coaching
  • Leveraging executive search firms and the hidden job market
  • Optimising existing opportunities
  • Executive coaching once you have started in your new role

All our executive level consultants come from a background of executive coaching and have experience across a broad range of industries. We understand the demands of your role and how sometimes these demands can be in conflict with other needs, wants and constraints in your life. We have the experience and tools to reconcile these demands and help you create a future of career success AND career happiness.


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