Career Management

Every business has good, even great, employees that have lost their edge. Maybe their productivity has dropped, their ‘can do’ attitude weakened or they have withdrawn from their manager, peers or direct reports. The impact of their disengagement can be dramatic for the team and the business. Often, as businesses don’t know what to do, they do nothing; and as a result the employee moves on. Now this might be the right thing, but too frequently the business has lost a valuable employee when investing in career management was all that was needed.


Periodically we can all lose a bit of focus in our job, no matter how much we love it. What can be needed is a systematic, guided reflection to aid employees to re-engage with their professional self; and get their ‘mojo’ back!  Over 6 sessions we support the employee to:

  • Reflect on and assesses their career choices to-date and the results of those choices
  • Understand where they derive their professional satisfaction from and fulfil their professional needs
  • Understand their development needs and opportunities that the business and job can fulfil; and design a development plan
  • Get clarity on any bottlenecks and any dysfunctional processes or people that may be sapping their desire to engage in the workplace; and strategies to overcome them
  • Think through a career path and other opportunities in the company, as re-deployment may be an answer
  • Get clarity on any lifestyle issues that might be sapping their energy for work

For many employees going through this process gives them the clarity to know they are in the right job or at least with the right company. The investment   is a fraction of the cost of recruiting and training a replacement. Why lose a good employee simply because they have temporarily lost their direction when a guided, reflective process is enough to re-engage them?


The loyalty and commitment that the company demonstrates to the employee by investing in them at a time when their performance isn’t at its best is often one of the smartest investments a company can make in their people.

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