Get Career Counselling on a Flexible Schedule in Geelong

At Complete Care Management, some of the clients that come to us for career counselling in Geelong seek us out after quitting jobs they have hated for years. These individuals are looking to get back into the work world as quickly as possible, and count on our counsellors for helpful advice and guidance.


Other clients of ours, though, decide to pursue our services while still working jobs they may no longer find fulfilling. Many individuals are looking for the same guidance on possible new career pursuits as our other clients but are doing so while still juggling their old jobs.


The point is, our clients come from a spectrum of different situations and experiences—and have a range of different scheduling needs. As a result, at Complete Career Management, we have worked to design a schedule that allows anyone to get career counselling in Geelong—whether you are working full time or in between jobs.


Conveniently located in Melbourne’s CBD and offering appointments every day of the week from 7.30am to 5.30pm, we are always able to find time for clients new or past. If your work schedule precludes you from making an appointment time during the week, we also offer availability on every second Saturday.


At Complete Career Management, we believe that the career counselling services we offer in Geelong and Melbourne are incredibly valuable to help people take the next step in their careers. We don’t want to exclude anyone from those services based solely on scheduling and have designed our hours with that thought in mind.


Are you interested in scheduling a consultation with us? Call our offices today, on 1300 855 027.

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