Thinking About Career Coaching in Melbourne? Here Are Three Signs It Might Be Time to Leave Your Old Job

When it comes to switching careers, there are a lot of different factors to consider. Do you have the skills necessary to jump from one field to the next? Are you thinking about making the shift to a job industry that is healthy enough for you to find a job? Can you or your family withstand the choppy financial waters that might come with leaving an old job and searching for a completely new one?


If you are thinking about pursuing career coaching in Melbourne, though, then the first thing you need to think about is whether or not you really think it’s time to leave your old job. Here are three indications that might demand a career shift.


1. You have no work-life balance


Do you come home from work every day feeling drained? Do you have to bring work home with you on the weekends, or work well into the evenings? Do you feel like you never see friends and family anymore? Some professionals, especially young ones, don’t mind working nonstop. Eventually, though, a lack of work-life balance can cause many people to ask whether or not the job is worth it.


2. You feel like you aren’t moving forward


An ability to move up the ladder and take on more responsibility is a factor that many professionals use to differentiate between a ‘career’ and just another ‘job.’ If your work life has become stagnant, or if you believe you’ve gone as far as you could in your current job, it’s probably time to start thinking about career coaching in Melbourne.


3. You’ve lost your passion


They say that when you do what you love, you never work a day in your life. If you have lost passion for your line of work—or if you never had it in the first place—then you haven’t found your career.


If any of these three scenarios describe you, then it’s worth at least chatting with a career coach to see what your other options are. Contact Complete Career Management today and start returning to your true career goals! You can contact us via telephone on 1300 855 027!

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