Find the Benefits of a Career Shift, with Career Coaching in Geelong

Changing careers is difficult. It’s a risk, a leap of faith that requires you to trust in yourself and your skills, and to realise that your own happiness and fulfilment is more important than having steady work at a job you hate. Still, sometimes, people can be scared out of making a career shift, simply because they focus on the potential risks or drawbacks. ‘What if I can’t find a job?’ ‘What if I can’t afford to support my family?’ ‘What if I fail?’ These are questions that every person asks when considering a career shift. Unfortunately, for many people, these questions are enough to dissuade them from taking a chance.


At Complete Career Management, it is our job to help you see the benefits of a possible career change, as well as the risks. We have been operating as a career coaching firm in Geelong for seven years now and have helped countless clients orchestrate career changes in that time. We have seen firsthand that taking a risk can pay off in spades when it comes to changing careers, and help clients just like you to see all of the rewards that might come from betting on yourself.


By ‘benefits’ and ‘rewards,’ we aren’t necessarily even talking about the possibility of starting your own business and striking gold or taking a new job that makes you wealthy. On the contrary, while some people do seek career coaching in Geelong as part of a plan to improve their financial situation, more often, our clients are looking to find their way to more fulfilling careers. In that sense, the hopes of finding a greater life purpose, utilising all of your skills, pursuing your passion, doing what you love for a living, escaping a toxic and stressful work environment, getting into a job or field with great growth opportunity and simply having new life experiences are all great reasons to take a leap of faith.


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