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We’ve all heard it before: the career ‘advice’ from friends and family members, telling us to ‘follow our dreams’ or to ‘do this’ or ‘do that.’ Unfortunately, though, while your acquaintances mean well in trying to give you career guidance, their advice is often tossed off, shallow and simply not helpful. If you are feeling unhappy or unfulfilled in your current work situation, following your dreams might be a way to turn things around – but there is a slew of other factors to explore as well.


Changing jobs is a difficult process. Changing careers entirely is even more challenging, and involves a lot of critical thought and analysis. You aren’t likely to come by that kind of in-depth advice at a family cocktail party, but that’s precisely what you will get from Complete Career Management. We provide tailored, personal career advice in Melbourne to those looking to make big changes in their lives.


At Complete Career Management, we understand that the best career advice is born out of an absolute focus on the individual circumstances, needs, aspirations, marketable skills, hidden talents and notable weaknesses of the client. Our career advice professionals in Melbourne delve into each of these categories to help clients better understand what they can bring to a new work field or a new organisation. With that information in hand, our clients are better prepared to face and master the challenges of a career shift.


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