How Career Advice in Geelong can Help you Understand Your Weaknesses (and why That Understanding is Key to Your Future Success)

If you are thinking about making a big career change—whether that means quitting your job and looking for a new one in the same field, or moving on to a completely new career—looking into professional career advice in Geelong might be a worthwhile investment. But while many people think that career advice is about talking through your strengths as a means of identifying the best path forward, it is just as much about addressing your weaknesses—if not more so.


Indeed, a mistake that many people make when thinking about a big career shift is analysing new opportunities only in relation to their strengths, passions or interests. When reading through job descriptions or researching new possible career paths, the average person focuses on the factors that excite them or match with their skills and experience.


At Complete Career Management, we help our clients form a better understanding of not only their skills and talents but also their weaknesses. Addressing and coming to terms with these shortcomings gives our clients the awareness they need to make the right decisions in mapping out their futures. Understanding your weaknesses not only shows you areas where you can work towards improvement but also makes it easier to find a career that will engage your interests and passions while also allowing you to flourish.


Are you ready to confront your own shortcomings, as well as your strengths? Contact Complete Career Management today to set up an appointment for career advice in Geelong.

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