Business Set Up

You wouldn’t be the first person to discover during the Reflect & Assess stage that you’d rather set up your own business than continue to battle corporate cultures that you don’t fit into.


Australia may well be the easiest country in the world to set up a small business. The drawback is that too often people rush into setting up their ‘dream’ business without adequate planning and without the insights of what it means to be a small business owner.


The Business Set Up program is run by our directors who are onto their 4th business and who know the ups and downs of managing a small business. In more detail we cover:


  • Defining your business proposition
  • Your initial sales and marketing plan
  • Creating a financial plan and learning cash flow management
  • Emotional demands on a small business owner
  • Dealing with financial stress

Running your own business is very demanding and it usually comes as quite a shock when you no longer can rely on your monthly pay check. Participation in this programs includes 3 months of 1:1 mentoring.

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