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Complete Career Management (CCM) is our career transition and career management business. We created CCM because the current model for career transitions does not adequately address the needs of clients who want more than their old job in another company. From our perspective, we would like to be your individual career manager. This means we assist you with planning your career and with the actual career transitions, whether you know what to do next or not.


We also created CCM based on a comprehensive service model. Utilising reflective and insightful approaches and coaching techniques, you can rest assured that we will quickly zero in on the optimal choice for you.


Our business model is built around individual career coaching and long-term relationships with our clients. Our aim is to know your career history, so you only come in ‘cold’ once. This is different to the normal offering of ‘career transition’ programs which typically provide group training with some added 1-on-1 time with a consultant. It is also different from career counselling, where advice is traditionally based on psychometric testing.


All the assistance we offer is based on many years of job, business and executive coaching experience combined with deep knowledge of a large range of industries and intimate knowledge of how the open and hidden job markets operate. In our model we also place a lot of importance on ongoing support after the initial intense work on developing a career strategy and then assisting you in getting a new job. Ideally, we will continue working with you as you progress, touching base a few times per year and checking if the reasoning behind the choices you made still stacks up.


We also recognised very early that individual client needs differ quite markedly and that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not suitable to career coaching and career management. We therefore stay away from psychometric testing and the type of advice you can easily get from self-help books. We add value to your career by asking the right questions, making choices conscious and coaching you on behaviours that you might need to be successful in networking, cold calling, interviews and entering a new role.


When you decide to work with us, you will get access to a group of highly qualified and experienced coaches and a range of support services.

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Phone No. : 1300 855 027

E-mail : rodconn@bigpond.net.au