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If you currently:

  • Feel undervalued at work or don’t enjoy your job;
  • Feel stuck or think you are in the wrong career;
  • Are struggling to move up to the next level, or;
  • Are still looking for your dream job

…then you have come to the right place. Because here is a simple fact:


Now is the time to seek expert help. You need a career advisor from Melbourne’s Complete Career Management.


Changing careers is difficult, particularly if you’re doing it on your own. This is where an expert career advisor can make such a massive difference. That’s what we are. Our service for career coaching in Melbourne is based on learning about you as a person; your desires, your needs, your skills, your hidden talents and your weaknesses. Yes, weaknesses – we all have them. Sometimes it’s understanding and facing them that can make us stronger.


We offer both Individual and Executive programs, including the:

  • Reflect & Assess module, which is designed to help you reflect on your career history and assess your current situation in order to move forward
  • Accelerated module, for people who have some idea of their next step and want to achieve a quick transition

With a career counsellor and coach on your side, you’re able to explore ideas about your future, receive career advice on making the right decisions, map out a plan, and get help with every step of putting the plan into practice.

So don’t hesitate and call us right now to explore how our career advice and coaching can make your dream career come true. Because we probably can. Honestly.


Call Complete Career Management in Melbourne on 1 300 855 027 to find out if we are the right coaches for you.

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